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Email marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising. This is because there are many distinct advantages to the concept of email marketing. However, email marketing has some disadvantages as well. In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing. We will also provide some insight into how to plan and execute an effective email marketing campaign.

Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing certainly has a set of unique advantages over other types of marketing, both online and offline. Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of email marketing is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort.

It is certainly possible to reach a worldwide audience with other types of advertising. However, traditional types of advertising such as television, radio, and print media are not nearly as effective for reaching potential customers worldwide all at once. 

Another major advantage to email marketing is that it is extremely affordable. This is significant because many other types of marketing, including Internet marketing, are significantly more expensive than email marketing. 

The costs associated with email marketing are minimal. Ideally, you will already have a list of email recipients interested in your products and services, so there is no cost associated with obtaining a list of email addresses. The cost to send out emails is minimal and can be part of your regular operating costs. These factors already make email marketing extremely cost-effective. 

However, there is some cost involved in email marketing. These are primarily the costs associated with writing the advertisements and creating any graphics that will accompany the email advertisements.

This will require hiring a writer to write the copy for the advertisement and a designer to create and implements the graphics. The cost of these services will vary pretty widely. 

However, you will pay more for writers and designers with more experience. This is because these writers and designers are expected to produce a higher quality of work than those with less experience could produce. 

The most obvious disadvantage to email marketing is the possibility of having your email marketing viewed as spam. This is a very important problem because it could prove quite costly in terms of the profit margin for your business. Each day Internet users are bombarded with unsolicited emails serving as advertisements.

This problem has reached epic proportions. The abundance of spam infiltrating the email boxes of innocent Internet users has to be cautious and suspicious about any unsolicited email that appears to be promoting a particular product or service. 

Emails that contain subject lines or content which appears to be spam may be automatically transferred to a spam email folder by the email system. Emails that are not automatically deleted may be deleted without being opened simply because the recipient does not recognize the email’s sender.

Both problems can cause essentially wasted time for the business owner because the recipients are not even viewing the emails advertising the products and services offered by the business. They may cause complaints to be lodged against the company for being a purveyor of spam. 

Now that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing, you might wonder how you can maximize the advantages of using email marketing to your advantage.

The most important factor to consider is your email distribution list. This should comprise former customers who have expressed a desire to receive emails with information and advertisements and potential customers who have also asked about more information. 

The content of the emails should also be carefully considered. They should certainly highlight the products and services you offer but should do so without appearing to be a hard sales pitch.

A writer with experience in writing this type of copy should be able to provide insightful and accurate copy, which also entices the reader to find out more about your products and services.

Finally, your emails should provide the readers with a call to action. This should be a statement urging the reader to take a specific action, such as making a purchase or researching a product. 

Getting Help with Your Email Marketing Campaign

Savvy business owners realize the importance of email marketing even if they do not know how to run an effective email marketing campaign. Stated, this means a business owner may realize he must run an email marketing campaign to help him meet the needs and expectations of his target audience. However, he may not know how to orchestrate an email marketing campaign that is truly effective.

Fortunately for these business owners, they do not have to know a great deal about email marketing because there are plenty of Internet marketing consultants who can assist them in planning and running an effective email marketing campaign.

This article will provide some tips for finding a consultant to assist you in orchestrating an email marketing campaign. One of the most important criteria in seeking a consultant to assist you with your email marketing campaign is experience. Specifically, it is an experience that has resulted in past success.

This is important because one of the best indicators of how well a consultant will perform for you is how well they performed in the past. This means if a consultant could help various past clients attain their goals through email marketing, the consultant could likely assist you in the same way.

Another important criterion when hiring a consultant to assist you with your email marketing campaign is the opinions of past clients. Before committing to work with a particular consultant, request references from past clients. You should request these references, contact each of the past clients provided, and question their experiences with the consultant.

It is important to remember that the consultant will likely only provide a reference he is confident will offer a positive opinion of his services.

However, you can still learn a great deal about the consultant’s style, personality, and techniques through these references. This is important because the consultant’s personality and his skill and abilities are also very important.

If you do not get along with the consultant and have difficulty talking to him, working with him can be difficult. It might be hard for you to meet your business-related goals because you are likely not providing the consultant with enough information or offering feedback that could help him adjust his strategies to meet your expectations better.

While skill, knowledge, and ability are important, sometimes none of these matter if personality conflicts prevent you and the consultant from communicating adequately. Therefore your opinion of the consultant should always be weighed before making hiring a consultant.

Although consulting references is a good idea, you should also use the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to seek independent reviews of the consultant you are considering hiring to assist you in your email marketing campaign.

The BBB can provide you with a great deal of information regarding the past performance of the consultant. Suppose the consultant has been in business for several years and does not have any unresolved complaints with the BBB.

In that case, this is a good sign that the consultant performs adequately and treats clients fairly. Conversely, a consultant with several unresolved complaints against him is not likely to be an excellent choice.

Similarly, a consultant who has several independent reviews raving about the quality of his service is likely an excellent choice to assist you in your email marketing campaign.

In contrast, a consultant with several poor reviews on the Internet is not an excellent choice to assist you with your email marketing campaign. Likewise, you can assume that if past clients were not happy with the services he provided, you will likely also not be happy with these services.

Email Marketing With E-Newsletters

Email marketing is not just all about unsolicited emails with advertisements making outrageous claims. Unfortunately, the abundance of spam that inundates Internet users each day has caused many to plan a negative opinion about email marketing, but savvy Internet marketers who understand how to market successfully enjoy an advantage over the competition by turning to e-newsletters to reach more potential customers.

This article will discuss e-newsletters and how they can be used effectively in an email marketing campaign.

An e-newsletter is very similar to newsletters, which are printed and distributed via mail or other avenues. The most significant distance is the method of distribution. While traditional newsletters are typically mailed to the recipients or distributed in person, e-newsletters are distributed only online.

These e-newsletters may be emailed in the body of an email message or may be included as a link in an email that directs the recipient to the website for the e-newsletter. In either case, the recipient can read the e-newsletter while online and print it out or save it to their hard drive for future use.

The contents of an e-newsletter may vary somewhat drastically depending on the business the e-newsletter is promoting, the purpose of the e-newsletter, and even the personal preferences of the business owner and the employees producing the e-newsletter.

However, the general format for an e-newsletter is to include useful information in full-length feature articles or shorter pieces offering useful tips.

The e-newsletter should also contain at least some subtle advertising for the products and services offered by the producer of the e-newsletter. These pieces of advertising should not be blatant. They should allow readers of the e-newsletter to plan their own opinions regarding the products or services.

The content of an e-newsletter should make up the bulk of the document. This may include full-length feature articles which provide information for the readers. It may also include shorter pieces that may offer tips, review products, or offer advice to the reader.

The key to providing high-quality content in these e-newsletters is to have them written by a capable writer knowledgeable about the subject.

The writer may understand the subject or research the subject and learn enough to write accurate and informative articles. In either case, the distributor of the e-newsletter should carefully review the content for both quality and accuracy before publishing the e-newsletter.

Distributors of e-newsletters should also have graphical elements into their e-newsletters. This may include product pictures or any other relevant graphics which provide meaning to the text of the e-newsletter.

A graphic designer can assist you with this endeavor by helping you create graphics, crop them appropriately, and place them in a prime location on the layout of the e-newsletter.

Finally, distributors of e-newsletters should carefully consider their audience before using email for marketing. The primary consideration should be whether or not the target audience is likely to be receptive to marketing as emails or an e-newsletter. If they are likely to respond to this type of marketing, pursuing an email marketing campaign is worthwhile.

However, care should be taken to ensure the emails sent to the target audience are designed specifically to appeal to these potential customers. This type of specialization should include the type of language used in the copy, the layout of the email or e-newsletter, and the graphics used in the email or e-newsletter.

The copy should be filed with information that will be useful to the recipients. Another factor to consider is to whom to send the emails. Sending these emails to a large group of recipients who have not requested information from you and have no interest in your products and services is a waste of time.

It is a better idea to ask customers and potential customers if they are interested in receiving more information and join an email distribution list if they wish to receive more information.

Sending your emails to this distribution list ensures that most recipients will be interested in your products or services and are not likely to delete your emails as spam automatically.

Organizing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Suppose you have recently tried implementing an email marketing campaign. In that case, you can congratulate yourself on becoming involved in one of the most effective types of online marketing for your business. While many business owners shy away from email marketing campaigns because they believe these campaigns are always viewed as spam, others realize the importance of this type of advertising and will spend a great deal of time and effort organizing their email marketing campaigns.

These business owners will likely find they can enjoy an advantage over their competitors who do not take the time to implement an email marketing campaign. This article will describe the steps necessary to organize an effective email marketing campaign.

One of the first elements you should consider when you decide to start an email marketing campaign is the information you wish to include in your emails to potential clients. This is very important because the information you provide will help your email recipients determine whether they think your products or services are worthwhile. You can include a variety of information in marketing emails.

This may include, but is not limited to, full-length informative articles, short articles enticing readers to visit your website for more information, links to other websites which may interest your readers, links to your website, and even advertisements for your products or services and other products or services your customers may appreciate.

Once you determine the type of content you wish to incorporate into your email marketing, it is time to consider how you want to structure your email marketing efforts. Two of the most common structures include an informative email with subtle advertising or an in-depth e-newsletter with a wealth of information, subtle advertising, and even graphics.

Deciding on the format of the emails you will send out is important because they will dictate the staff you will need to assist you in your email marketing effort. You will require the help of a professional writer to assist you with the content in either emails or e-newsletters.

However, suppose you opt for an e-newsletter. In that case, you should also have a graphic artist to assist you in designing an attractive layout and creating graphics as needed to create an appealing layout for your e-newsletter.

Next, consider how you plan to create an email distribution list. This is important because simply purchasing an email list is not likely to be effective. You may reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Internet users by sending emails to all of the members of this email list.

However, there is no guarantee that any of them will have an interest in your products or services. However, build your email list of previous customers who have specifically requested additional information and a potential customer who has also requested additional information. You will have a well-formulated list that includes mostly members of your target audience.

This is ideal because you are much more likely to sell products or services to members of your target audience than you are to sell products or services to members of an email group that is not filled with those who might be interested in the products or services you offer.

Once these preliminary decisions have been made, you can create the emails themselves and distribute them. Once you have sent out your first batch of emails, you can take some time to evaluate the effectiveness of the first email before you send out the second batch.

This will be useful because you can solicit feedback and change the second email before sending it out if you determine the first batch was unsuccessful. If the second email is more successful than the first, you can conclude that the changes you made were beneficial.

Market Penetration Strategy Digital Entrepreneur Action Planning Buytofly iMails Positive Things Network Bridge Defining Success Smartermail

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